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Many dream of beautiful and evenly lined teeth. However, aesthetic reasons are not the only reason to start orthodontic treatment. Non-treated occlusion defects hinder the appropriate oral hygiene (it is impossible to reach some spaces with a toothbrush). They also lead to overload of some groups of teeth, their excessive grinding, resulting in permanent damage. Non-treated occlusion defects cause speech disorders, instability of teeth (and their premature loss), increased risk of parodontal diseases and changes in function of the temporomandibular articulation. They may also lead to persistent headaches, and even to deformation of facial expression and premature ageing. Orthodontic treatment may be started at any age, although results are seen earlier in children and adolescents. After a decision is made to start the treatment, we prepare a tailored treatment plan, along with an estimate of costs and presentation of the scope of intervention. We offer a full scope of orthodontic services:

  • Prophylaxis of early orthodontic treatment
  • Removable apparatuses – for children before exchange of dentition to permanent
  • Traditional permanent apparatuses – for patients over the age of 13 – exerting a defined force on teeth and causing their relative shifting or turning. A “metal smile” is not perceived as a cosmetic defect. On the contrary, the apparatuses are very popular and used by numerous celebrities, which encourages followers
  • Functional apparatuses, using the natural force of growth of the child’s mandible and maxilla
  • Aesthetic fixed apparatuses – locks (elements fixed on teeth) made of porcelain and crystal allow less visibility of the apparatus compared to traditional ones.
  • Lingual apparatuses – the most discrete method of orthodontic treatment. The apparatus is fixed to internal side of teeth (on the side of the palate and tongue). This type is most often chosen by models, as it does not interfere with aesthetics of the smile. Modern technique allows application of the method to many, although not all, defects of occlusion. The choice of that method should be preceded by careful orthodontic consultation
  • After removal of a fixed apparatus, obtained results have to be maintained with retention arches.
  • We offer a complete orthodontic care throughout the whole period of treatment and after its completion, to ensure that our patient will enjoy beautiful teeth for long years.