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At present it is not all about extracting teeth, that is currently perceived as an extreme solution. It is also a broad selection of procedures aimed at maintenance of teeth in the oral cavity, as well as procedures supporting the orthodontic, prosthetic and conservative treatment. Considering that loss of a tooth inevitably leads to premature bone atrophy of the alveolar process, displacement of teeth within the arch and facial symmetry disorders, we may offer the following procedures:

  • Resection of a root – removal of a root tip with the surrounding pathological tissue
  • Root amputation – removal of one root with leaving the crown intact
  • Hemisection – division of a tooth and removal of the part that could not be treated
  • Premolarisation – following division of roots, both parts remain in place and 2 separate, smaller teeth are formed
  • Replantation – re-introduction of an extracted, knocked-out or dislocated tooth back into the bone
  • Auto-transplantation – moving a tooth to another position within the arch. The procedure allows filling losses with arrested, dislocated or extra teeth.

We also offer procedures that support therapies in other fields of dentistry, including implantology, orthodontics and periodotology:</\p>

  • Directed regeneration of bone and soft tissues aimed at reconstruction of the osseous tissue as a result of placement bone-replacing materials (granulated ot in form of membranes) under the mucosa to promote bone growth.
  • Gingival plasty – excision of an excessive gum and appropriate shaping allows achievement of harmony between soft and hard tissues around tooth necks
  • Elevation of the bottom of the maxillary sinus – increasing a distance between the bottom of the maxillary sinus and an implant, which ensures its safe placement and long-term maintenance.
  • Laser procedures (e.g. increasing depth of a vestibule, elongation of clinical crowns) allow aesthetic and functional prosthetic restorations in patients with difficult oral conditions. The laser is also used for speeding the process of tissue healing up (bio-stimulation laser).

We offer also:

  • Extraction of a wisdom tooth, that is of the third molar („extraction of the eighth tooth”)
  • Extraction of an arrested tooth, that is of a tooth that grew only partially or remained within the bone
  • Removal of cysts
  • Incision of an abscess
  • Plasty of the oro-antral fistula
  • Collection of a tissue specimen for histopathological assessment, if it is necessary to exclude a tumour.