Excessive, abnormal and most commonly subconscious teeth grinding is professionally referred to as bruxism. It is a condition that has become very common lately, as stress seems to be one of its leading causes. Patients usually are not aware of the condition before first symotms appear, including headache, cracking sounds when moving the jaw, and ache of facial muscles. Teeth attrition (particularly of front teeth) is one of the most obvious symptoms of bruxism.
In DENS offices we help patients recognising the problem and its underlying causes, and offer a support in combating them. The therapy is usually concluded with production of a relaxation splint – a thin and transparent overlay (1-2mm) placed on the teeth arch. The overlay covers all teeth in the maxilla or mandible. Besides equalisation of the muscular tonus, the overlay protects teeth from further attrition.
We also offer NTI splints. They are tailor-made for individual patients, and placed on front upper teeth only. Due to their properties, those splints offer a rapid decrease of muscular tonus associated with chewing.