Diseases of gums and parodontium are painless and their early signs (reddening of gums, bleeding during tooth brushing) are often neglected. However, those signs should be a warning and a specialist should be consulted, as diseases of parodontium (parodontosis) lead not only to unpleasant smell of breath, but also to instability and loss of teeth, and even to some systemic diseases.
Fortunately, early treatment of parodontium diseases ensures comfort and healthy smile.
Among procedures associated with gums and parodontium we offer:
  • Closed and open curettage – removal of tartar and infected tissue from surfaces of tooth roots (also from surfaces located underneath gums).
  • Directed regeneration of bone and soft tissues (chirurgia stomatologiczna)
  • Teeth splinting – in order to strengthen instable teeth we bind them together with a special enforced tape (splint). That keeps teeth in place, stabilises them and makes them stronger.
  • Frenulotomy – a procedure eliminating a negative impact of hypertrophic frenulum pulling gums from teeth.
Diseases of gums and parodontium is a field of specialism of a periodontologist. However, that is not all that the specialist deals with. Also changes in oral mucosa are within the scope of a periodontologist’s interests. If need be, a section of mucosa may be collected for histopathology examination, to identify a type of observed lesion, and direct a patient for oncological treatment if necessary. That allows early introduction of a necessary treatment and may be health- and sometimes even life-saving.